Single Review: Plume of Feathers – First Date

Posted by Natalie Lorimer

Plume of Feathers - First Date
side project from the man behind Lonely Tourist, Paul Tierney has created Plume of Feathers to pay homage to the traditional pub culture that is slowly disappearing.  Despite the sad facts, debut single First Date is a rather jaunty number that introduces the listener nicely to the themes that will be explored on an upcoming concept album drawn from real life stories.

The song’s hook is instant with gentle guitar riffs complementing bouncy strums of acoustic guitar.  Tierney tells the listener of a date gone wrong but he doesn’t seem to mind.  “Though I will go out, she doesn’t show up,” he sings casually, the drum tempo guiding things along at the pace of a leisurely stroll.

It’s a single that exudes nostalgia.  There is a longing for the good old days of chatting up the lass next to you at the bar.  The musical style also takes the mind back a few years, when acts like Colin MacLeod‘s project, The Boy Who Trapped the Sun, were still around and kicking.

First Date provides most of the things that you would want from a first single – relatable lyrics with a catchy tune.  A sweet, summery song that should be able to mark its place amongst the many other tales promised to be shown on a forthcoming album.

Plume of FeathersFirst Date is released on Friday 30th October via Archdeacon of Pop Records and is available on vinyl and digital download here.

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Posted by: Toni Spencer, 20th February 2016