Single Review: Karo – Wolfbaby

Posted by Scott Hastie

Scottish Fiction has the answer to that question you’ve always been asking yourself.  What would Dundonian pop sound like if it went on a wild mix with Icelandic influences?  Well, the answer is that it sounds really rather great and our working example here is the fantastic new pop songstress Karó.

Wolfbaby is the 21 year old’s second single and shines with its down-tempo, funky tropical pop.  The song’s instrumentation is built around a bassline which would fit a similar mould to the lurking danger in Adamski’s ’80’s hit Killer, but slower tempo.  There’s also lighter fluttering of synth trickled around the mix before the song approaches its chorus.  With funky 6-string and crunching background eruptions in the production, Wolfbaby becomes a silky but dark affair.

Karó’s vocals are a deeper and darker alternative to The Naked And Famous and that comparison also fits the general production rather well.

The track is available now to purchase and the lady herself has just performed her first show at the end of last month in her hometown Reykjavik, so hopefully we can expect some Scottish dates in the near future.

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Posted by: Toni Spencer, 20th February 2016