EP Review: Ubre Blanca – The Sadist

Posted by Mark Shields

Ubre Blanca - The Sadist
Scottish electronic music has been always somewhat of an underground movement within the underground movement, a small group of artists plugging away on oft-ignored trajectories.  Sometimes bands would release a single album and vanish, or others would release an album every seven years.  Others would become darlings of the EDM movement, being cited by producers higher up in the echelons, burning the candle at both ends.  This leads to more bands coming through and when one comes along that grips you, the underground rises up and becomes the forefront.  Like the analogous surfer riding the crest of the underground wave, Ubre Blanca have been a name banded about the industry, appearing on tours with such artists like Errors, and along with C. Duncan they arrive on the foam of a crashing wave.

The Sadist is the group’s third EP release and their first formal release on Giallo Disco following the twin punch of Polygon Mountain and Terminal Island.  I first came across Ubre Blanca via this websites very own radio show back in the end of 2013 and The Sadist is the next step towards getting towards the crowds.  If you want one descriptor of the album it’s sinister.  The whole is wrapped in a dark feeling of slumber too, but not one of rest.  If anything, this is a restless sleep, one pockmarked and punctuated with slivers of nightmares, like vignettes of horror.  The ten minute opening track and the title track of the EP is the most accomplished sounding track the band have put their name to to-date, with the hallmarks of John Carpenter scores and Boards of Canada-esque leaps into nostalgia, it easily pines for a dark night’s walk amongst those almost-lost orange sodium lamps of your city.

The EP doesn’t let up through its running length either.  The pulsing synths and structures reward continuous listens, taking time to build up and build down, creating tension that is palpable.  I recommend headphones for this EP above all else, but it also suits a loud speaker set and a dark beer on a stormy night.  Fear of God invokes the horror comparisons too, with a passing similarity with the legendary Exorcist Theme, but it expands into so much more, becoming a stomping gothic-filled track that feels beamed directly from the bowels of a dark disco DJed by the red skull on the cover.

As you can tell, I’m having fun writing this review because it’s fun to write about something that tells a story through the music, that invokes such dramatic imagery, and one that allows such license to be portentous with analogy.  It sure as he’ll beats some of the other things you end up listening to day to day.  I’d recommend this EP if you want something different, something hailing from that underground you may rarely get to experience.  A laboured analogy if there ever was one, but those waves that are cresting and falling that Ubre Blanca are riding, they’ve not just appeared on the tide – they’ve hopped off a sinking pirate ghost ship.

The Sadist was released on the 15th September 2015 and is available to download from Giallo Disco Records on Bandcamp right now.

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