Almost Scottish Fiction Volume 4

Posted by Neil Wilson

Almost Scottish Fiction Volume 4

Continuing our EP series, Almost Scottish Fiction, this month we’ve pushed the musical genres featured out a little bit.  There’s some noisy, garage alt-rock courtesy of Wendell Borton, a rather expansive instrumental track from Ubre Blanca, left-field experimental music from Bunny & The Invalid Singers, plus a heartwarming acoustic number from Dec ’91, and two great electronica based songs from Aquafaux and Shona Brown rounding out the collection.  A special thanks to the ever dedicated Findlay for another excellent artwork to go along with the EP.  It represents the whole thing quite well I think – swirling, a little disorientating, but ultimately aesthetically – or audibly – pleasing!

As always the EP is curated by myself on behalf of Scottish Fiction, and David McElroy from Almost Predictable, Almost and features tracks from our favourite artists.  A regular snapshot of Scottish music each month.  To grab your copy head along to the Scottish Fiction Bandcamp, or the Almost Predictable, Almost Bandcamp and download for free.

AquafauxSee The Rain

Edinburgh’s Aquafaux produce driving synthpop and See The Rain, from their recent Spellbound EP  is a prime example of that.  Combining the band’s trademark electronics with a Garbage-like chorus, See The Rain  is a wonderful example of electropop.

Ubre BlancaTaxed

Every now and again there comes along music that your brain can’t quite immediately process.  Ubre Blanca are a band like that – with experimental electronica verging on out-of-this world prog.  Taxed is a track from their 2013 release Polygon Mountain, and is a excellent introduction to the band.

Shona Brown – All I Have

Shona Brown‘s ambitious ’10in10’ project which has seen her release a single a month since November 2014 has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable events in Scottish music this year.  All I Have perfectly demonstrates all her skills with looped electronics and flute combining to quite wonderful effect.

Bunny & The Invalid SingersAsk The Man Inside Your Head

Edinburgh based musician/artist Bunny has just released his second album The Invalid Singers and this track is one of the standout tracks on what is a superb album.

Dec ’91 – When You Come

Playing under the pseudonym of Dec ’91, Craig Ferrie uses the simplest of ingredients – a guitar and his voice – to craft encapsulating stories of meloncholia.  He’s an artist who has been on our radar for a while, with a series of home releases and more recently hooking up with Gold Mold Records for the album Quebec.  The track featured here is a brand new one.

Wendell Borton – Adjusting

Naming your band after an obscure character from The Simpsons is always a winner in my book. Luckily Aberdeen’s Wendell Borton have the music to back it up.  Raw, loud and slightly slacker alt-rock.   What’s not to love?

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Posted by: Toni Spencer, 20th February 2016